Build slideshow with a repeating group containing photos


I have a repeating group that displays photos from a list contained in a thing. all works fine…

The user can scroll horizontally and then go from a photo to another. I would like to know if it is possible to have a sequential scrolling, i mean by that jumping from a picture to another and not a continuous scrolling (you can stay between 2 photos for ex)…

basically making the repeating group acting like a slideshow

Many thanks


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Why you don’t build a horitzontal slider?

1 row x 1 cell and move images to left-right. User can’t stay between two images. Even you can put an automatic slider.

I.e something simple:

P.s (you can also install slider plugin in the case you don’t want to use rg.)

Thanks a lot…i am trying your solution but the problem is that the only way to go from a photo to the next one is the slide bar, i mean i can’t do it by sliding with my finger (it is for a mobile app)
Can i change the slider style? in bubble it seems that there is only one slide bar style? I can see in your example that there are arrows on the side

How can i set up an auto display like you did?

The problem with the slider plugin is that there is not a “adjust element height” feature while there is for “image”

thanks again

Hello @yanisbensalem, i builded this slider using an external 3rd jquery/javascript library.

I think its what you are looking for.

It slides to right, left using your fingers (very cool for mobile apps).

Here the demo link:

Btw if i have more time, i will build it as plugin for everyone.


Hello @yusaney1

I love what you did ! Would it be possible to have a link to the editor to use it in my app ?


I need this for a project I am doing involving an online store that has sliding pictures to show the project what is the coding for one of these if someone is OK to share it.


-Paul B. Midwest Systems and Designs

Could you link the editor for the desktop version? I am trying to implement something similar.

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