Default permissions

I’m trying to allow autobinding on multiline inputs.

It says I need permission, so I follow the instructions and end up on the permissions tab of the user data, where I am now creating a new role.

I create a role called “edit”

For this role, I am only permitted to set permissions for “this user” or “current user”.

My app does not have users, there is a password to get in, but from there anyone is allowed to edit. I want to allow autobinding for everyone.

Lucky me, I see that underneath the new role I’ve created there is a preexisting role called “everyone (default permissions)”. On that role I check off “allow autobinding”, but this does not solve the problem. I still need permission when trying to edit text in the app. Any one understand this? I noticed that underneath “allow autobinding”, I can check off “username”, I’m wondering if there should be other options there for me to check off to allow autobinding for, such as an option to allow autobinding for specific multiline inputs?

The other option is to create a default user, and have it logged in on page load. So, anyone accessing the site would be logged into this user, which I would set permission for. This is less ideal, but I would go for it. However, under appdata > User, I can only set “email” and “username”, I cannot set a password, so, I cannot log in the user (password is required).

I don’t want to have a signup page… Not trying to have user accounts.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi there, @nathanjameshutchinso… I could be way off base here (it’s hard to tell what’s going on in your app without screenshots or access to your editor), but if you have a password to get into the app, then it sounds like you already have a default user of sorts. If that is the case, then setting up a privacy role on the User data type that looks like this should do the trick…

Note that in my example, the auto-bound field is literally called multiline input.

Apologies if I have missed the mark, but I hope this helps.


Hi Mike, thanks for the response and apologies for the lack of screenshots.

So seeing that you had an option for multiline inputs made it clear that the problem was that that option wasn’t showing up for me. For whatever reason it was only allowing me to create roles for User, data type User has no multiline inputs which is why the option wasn’t showing up. But, somehow I managed to create a role for the Data type that contains the input, and now there is the option.

So the solution is to create a role in the Data type that contains the multiline inputs, and then when you create the role, another role will pop up underneath that is "Everyone else (default permissions). Here you can select so anyone can autobind (effectively disabling the permission resitriction).

Thanks for the help!

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