Auto binding doesnt work

I have 2 data types, user and tutor profile.
they are linked, user has tutor profile as one of its fields.

I want to allow the user to change their tutor profiles.

But it just doesn’t work. I’m

out of ideas

Your first picture has an error.

You should remove the “about me” part at the end.

Does that solve the issue?

(If not, check privacy rules)

Tried both, doesnt work.

But from what I understand the source has to be very specific, tutor profile is a data set that has many different fields

Oh right, You have to pick a single tutor profile.

The user has a list of tutor profiles.

Once you pick one the auto-binding will work.

Hi there,

For the group Tutorprofile’s datasource, you will need to remove the ‘About me’ from the datasource. This is because you have set this group to display type Tutorprofile, not of type text.

And then for the input itself, you can now set the data source to Parent Group’s Tutorprofile’s About Me.

Finally - make sure in your privacy rules that you allow autobinding on the About Me field.

Good luck!

I figured it out. I had to add the tutor profile data type to the user data type :slight_smile:
basically, I had to create a link between the 2 data types for this to work…
its pretty cool :slight_smile: