Autobinding and "this input should not be empty"

I just found a slight issue in my app where some of my form validation wasn’t working right, and it had to do with the interplay between autobinding and the “this input should not be empty” option.

Since every field in the relevant form has autobinding, I am not referencing any of them in the workflow that moves the user to the next page. However, “this input should not be empty” works by disabling workflows that reference the data fields in question. Hence my issue.

My question:

1: should we just assume that autobinding + “this input should not be empty” don’t play nice together and we should manually implement the validation in conditionals on the relevant button?


2: is it a better practice to always do a final save when you move on “just in case” or so things like this work as expected?

or…something I haven’t thought of?

Curious to know how other folks treat this.

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Hi Steve! I’m having the exact same issue with my form right now as autobinding and “this input should not be empty” don’t go along to well. I was wondering if you found a workaround for that that doesn’t imply manually implementing the validation for each button?

I’ve moved towards doing manual validation on all my fields, for a couple of reasons, this being one of them. I also prefer to change the style on the button when the form is ready to be submitted, which more or less requires writing all the same conditionals anyway.