Enable required fields with Auto-binding

How can I make a field mandatory / required when I use auto-binding? Checking the “This input should not be empty” does nothing.

If you’re using autobinding, what exactly do you mean by make it mandatory? Mandatory for what? (what is the behaviour you’re looking for?)

I want to make several fields on the page required before I allow the record to be update. For example. I have a field called “Name” in data type of “Event”. Right now, I create the Event prior to page load. I want the user to add fields like Name before I let them leave the page.

But, by definition, autobinding updates the record as soon as the input value is changed… so I’m not sure what you mean here…

In the use case, the field is not changed. When the record is displayed, the field Name is empty. I want it to not be empty.

I have a save button (that does nothing but give the user something to click when they are done) maybe I need to add a workflow to pop up an error if the fields I want filled in are still empty.

also, thank you for offering to help.

In that case you can just add a conditional to the button to make it ‘not clickable’ when the Name field is empty.

Or you can do as you say, and run an alternative workflow when the button is clicked and the name field is empty.

thank you

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