Autobind and required fields

Hi all,

I was wondering the best approach is to implement autobinding form fields and ensuring that required fields aren’t left empty.

I have a 5-page multistep form and the issue I’m having at the moment is that the ‘This field cannot be empty’ option on the field doesn’t work with autobinding, as I’m not using the data from the field in a workflow. I can set conditions on the submit buttons to be only being clickable when certain fields are completed but this is quite clunky as it’s a long form and it doesn’t scroll to the required fields when the button is clicked which can be confusing.

The only solution I can think of is setting up individual validation workflows for each field (‘If x field empty, show alert’) and then an overall validation when all fields are completed to allow the button to be clickable, but this is quite an arduous process. Any more elegant solutions would be appreciated!

Ok I figured out a solution for anyone has this issue in future.

Basically as long as you add the data fields to a workflow the ‘This field cannot be empty’ option works for autobind fields. So I’ve setup a workflow with all the required fields I want and added a condition that never triggers, so when the user tries to submit they get prompted to complete the required fields, but the data is still saved via autobind.


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