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Autobinding walkthrough?

I need assistance on auto binding. I am clicking auto bind. And I have my thing. But somehow it is not updating and then displaying that data back to me. I want to update it in it’s own field.

I want to create a repeating group that saves this data in the group and can be edited later on.

It’s a bit hard to see what you are trying to do. Auto-binding is mainly used to edit items, rather than adding new ones. At least you’d have to create a new thing and then use auto binding to edit that thing’s fields (so the item would be new, but you are technically editing an existing one).

The add button in your app seems to create a new thing from the input fields in the repeated group cell, but since you’ve already auto binded them, the info exists in the database and is being duplicated.

I got autobinding to work. But i need it to be per current cell. Like a spreadsheet almost.

also I’d like to have the ability to delete specific line items (rows) not just the last one.

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