Auto Binding Problem

I watched the youtube video:, trying to figure out auto-binding. The guy didn’t give a very in-depth explanation of how he built it and I am pretty sure I did something wrong because my auto-binding isn’t populating. This is my first time asking a question in the forum so let me know if this link doesn’t work or if there are other links I can send for better viewing.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I should be able to set up auto binding, then whenever a logged in user inputs the information into the selected box it should save and automatically populate in the data tab for the user. Let me know if I am misunderstanding
Lawn AI 3 | Bubble Editor


Hi, @spaanllc welcome, to the forum. You link to editor is not working.

I didn’t get it.

You will need to have the input box inside a group. And the group data type must be the data you are working with. Then autobinding will work.

Note: Make sure you know what kind privacy rules are in there for the data.

To make autobinding work you need:

  • create the “thing” in the database, autobinding can only modify existing data
  • set privacy rules that allow autobinding
  • assign the right data source to the parent group of the input with a search so that bubble knows what data you want to modify

I didnt have the right data source on my group. Thanks!

How do I share a link that is viewable/ make settings viewable?