Autocomplete + Create tag selection

Hi - I’m trying to figure out how to have a text field for “tags”, where it:

  • Does a search/autocomplete as you type
  • Adds a tag when you hit return (with a x to delete it)
  • If a matching tag doesn’t exist, creates on on submit.

The closest thing I’ve found is this plug:

But I don’t think that will work as this scales because it just shows ALL tags in the dropdown. Any suggestions?

Hey @sean13

Have you looked into the “Selectize” plugin?

Otherwise I believe it is possible in vanilla bubble, though you need to use an “input” element not “text”.

For the search / autocomplete check out YouTube - CoachingNoCode has a good tutorial for “fuzzy” searches.


You can do that with Search input too.

Bubble multidropdown use select2. You can only let user add new tags using static list if I’m right.


Been kicking around with selectize. Two questions:

Hi Sean!
For the text shadow, I can add this setting on next release (planned for tomorrow)
For the Blur issue, Can you send me a PM with your current setting for the dropdown and workflow? thanks!

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