Autocomplete that allows creation of new thing

I have an autocomplete dropdown that searches a thing that has a name and type. I want users to be able to create a new thing if they don’t find what they are searching for. Is there a way to make something like an autocomplete input instead of dropdown?


It’s not a feature we support yet (it’s a bit tricky to know when to create a new entry and with which data). I’ll put that on the list, but in the meantime, the best way is to use a group next to the dropdown to create a new thing.

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I’d use this feature too if you decide to build it. It would be really helpful when creating functionality to Tag things.

The experience for the user would be much smoother if they didn’t have to use two fields: 1) An autocomplete dropdown to search for existing Tags and then 2) Another input field to create new tags if their desired tag doesn’t already exist.


Just a thought - is there a way to transfer the value from the search input into a field not visible to the user? So all the user would see is a button that allows them to create a new entry from what they have already typed.
The user does not need to know that the button is part of a separate group from the search function.

Did you work out a way to transfer the value from the search input?
I can only transfer a valid/existing value (i.e. one that is found in the search results) but not a new value (i.e. one that is not found in the results).
Having the same issue you are having.

What I do is use a button or text next to the autocomplete that says “Cant find …” with a workflow that will show a popup with an input element and button to save the new thing.

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Thanks @raymond - how do you get the status “can’t find” (or similar) from the autocomplete?
What is the condition I need to refer to know that nothing was found?
All I am able to get is an empty autocomplete field if the text entered is not found in the autocomplete list.

Pleasure. It’s not a status. It’s only a button next to the autocomplete and a workflow for the button.


Ah…got it. Thank you! I thought you show the button only if nothing is found in the list.
That makes sense now. I’ll do the same.

What you then want to do is pre-populate the left-hand box with the value you just entered.

Don’t want to have the user entering “Zach Zephron” and then have to scroll to the bottom.

So you can pop the search in a group, set the group the new thing you added, and reset the group.


We just added the ability to access the text that was typed if the search box can’t find a dynamic entry that exists. If you check the box ‘Allow entries not in the list’, and do Search Box’s typed content, you’ll be able to use that text. Then, you can create a thing, etc.


This is great!

One question, in the workflow, how would I create a thing that is: thing = autocomplete’s value or autocomplete’s typed text?

You can create a thing and do field = typed content.

Yea, I can create a new entry fine using the workflow field = typed text.

But if i start typing ‘fin’ and I get the results ‘finance’ and ‘fintech’ , I need to type out one of them fully rather than selecting them from the dropdown to create the entry? Because users will likely select from the dropdown if what they’re searching for appears.

But if they want something new they won’t pick an item from the list right?

Yes. I’m using it to create keywords/tag. so if they want to add a keyword and it doesn’t exist they’ll type it in, and thats great. but then if they start typing and find what they’re looking for, the inclination is to select the item from the list, but if the workflow is set to field = typed text then they won’t be able to do that right?

Could there be a conditional on the creation, so a user can create a new thing or select from an item on the list?

If they select something from the list, the value with be that item, and the typed text will be empty.

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Ok, maybe I’m doing something wrong then.

I have the search field set to allow items not on the list.
field = typed text

this works fine. I can create new text.

But then when i select something that’s already on the list, no entry is created in the database.

But how will they know what’s on the list? As it’s not a drop down, they can’t see all the values in the list. If they know what’s on the list, they will want to pick it directly from a drop down, not have to start typing to find it.

Can we have the same function, but with a drop down? “not on the list? No problem, just type it in now”
That would be awesome!

Why don’t you try something on the forum app and we can have a look