Autofill Input Box

Hello, I have two input boxes that I want to autofill with certain text when a user clicks a button.

Right now I have my workflow set up so the user clicks the button

Then after user clicks the button, the input box’s states change to the text I want input into the box.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

The value of the state it is set to is the text I want to fill into the input box.

However, for some reason when testing, when I click the button, the text won’t fill.

Any idea as to why? Not sure what to do from here. Thank u

Hi there, @artistdata22… if I understand your post correctly, set the input’s Initial content field to the custom state, and you should get the desired result.


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Then do Reset group/popup and reset the parent group of the inputs if you want to force it back to the value after someone’s already typed something

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Wouldn’t this only work if I was to only want to autofill in the same string of text?

What if I had multiple buttons that the user could click on, all of which would autofill in different types of texts into that input field?

That is what I’m doing.

Also, I don’t see where I can edit the input’s initial content besides doing dynamic value of the initial content by directly clicking on the input, but then I still have the same issue, it would only work for one set of autofill text. It wouldn’t work for multiple. Or am I wrong?


Like here for example. I see what you mean.

But what if I also had, template2, template3, template 4, etc.

All of which would autofill in a new set of text

Maybe I’m not understanding what you are saying, but if you have multiple buttons, just set the same custom state to a different value when each button is clicked. In other words, you don’t need multiple custom states.

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Okay, you’re right, I see what you meant.

Just tried this and it worked.

Appreciate it friend.

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