Automatically fulfill inputs on button click


I have a simple question: I’m making a form with loads of fields and I keep on changing it (because I’m a noob and I’m learning based on trial and error) so I wanted to create a button that’d fill all the fields with “test”, but I don’t seem to be able to change the elements to text fields somehow, what am I missing? Tried changing it from workflow and from inputs conditions but couldn’t achieve it.

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You can set the “initial content” or “default value” of your inputs to match a dynamic value of your choice (a record from your database or a custom state that contains the default “test” values you want to use).

If you leave this dynamic value empty by default, and then use the “display data” action to display the contents of the dynamic value in the parent group of the input, the default value of the input will update.

For example:
You could have data type called “default form” with different fields to match each inputs “test” value. Set the parent group of all of your inputs type of content to be “default form” and then set up a workflow on your button that uses the “display data” action to search your database for a record that contains your test values. From there, if the initial contents of your inputs match their respective fields, the values from your database will display.

Thanks a lot, that worked!

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