Populating a text box from a button


I’m fairly new to Bubble having been using it a few weeks. I’ve been a developer most of my working life though and am loving Bubble so far!

I’ve done some much more complex work in it already but must be missing something obvious on a really simple thing I can’t figure out.

I have a repeating group that displays data with a couple of filters that all works nicely. The text based input filter works well and I created a button to quickly pre-fill the input with some text. So when I click the button it should simply add some preset text.

I’ve tried setting up a custom state and the initial content set to this which does work initially but of course once I delete/overtype the search term the button no longer works.

What am I missing!?



You should be able to put the Input in a Group. Set the Group to have a type of text, and the default input to the Parent Group’s Text.

On button click you can then “Reset” the Group to return the input to default.

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Thank you. I’ll give that a try

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Thank you. All sorted now using the method you described. It just seems a strange way to have to do it with a group rather than directly on the input but that’s probably down to my lack of experience with Bubble.

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