Automated answers based on survey results

I would lime to create a survey or quiz and depending on how mu users answers the question it would provide recommendations… lets say a type or category of food or drink.

Would this require some sort of an API?

I built a system like to match two users based on their quiz answers. I did it all within Bubble. Users take a quiz, they get a “personality profile” from the quiz, and we make matches based on some rules. It’s doable within Bubble, but did take a bit of work.

Sounds awesome Andrew, do you have a sample of this that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I’d have to rebuild it and remove any of my client’s proprietary stuff, which would take a bit of time. Doable, but not something I can turnaround lickity split.

@andrewgassen Any chance you can share a sample workflow of the app? Did you use state’s or the DB for answer comparison and calculations?

I used the DB for everything. When the user was first created, I create new copies of all the questions and assign it to the user. Then, when they answer the question, they’re just updating an entry they already have, rather than creating a brand new one. Creating a new one is sluggish and creates a bad user experience, things don’t save right, etc. Doing it this way helped make it feel more reliable.

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