Creating an analysis tool for Users

i want to create a a type of analysis that users can take. The questions are simple with a Yes/No answer.

If answered NO the user gets a task added to a list for them to complete. All the YES answers are added together to give a total score.

Here is an example: let’s say that we are planing a trip, and the app helps you with this. There are 10 questions. Lets say 7 questions are answered YES, then the user gets a score of 7/10 along with 3 NO question tasks that the user can complete. I need these answers (yes and no) to be registered in the database, so the user can return to them and change them whenever they want.

So my question is if this is possible within Bubble without external API? Any best practices on how to do this or where I can read more about it?

As you can see I am new to bubble so i am unsure how advanced the platform is and if there are limitations. Any thoughts, tips or recommenations are much appreciated. Thanks!

Oh yeah this is totally doable.

You can do it all with workflows. Depending on if you plan to have dynamic quiz’ or questions will make it harder. (If there’s only like 5 quiz’ then you don’t need to do a difficult database structure.)

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Great! Thanks for answering my question👍