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Automatic JavaScript obfuscation in Private/Commercial Plugins

It would be great if Bubble offered automatic Javascript obfuscation using a service such as Jscrambler or such which offers updates on scrambling techniques as de-scramblers get updated.
Or does it already do this? Maybe a toggle feature?

If your code if minifiable via Google Closure Compiler, Bubble automatically does that (this is minification/optimization, not intentional obfuscation). In the past if this failed, you would see an error in production and would have to manually turn off minification. Now, however, if Closure fails, your production (any non-test app) code will be exactly what you put in the various code boxes.

I minify my own code as described below. You could of also course min or obfuscate your code manually but if your intent is obfuscation, you’ll likely need to maintain two versions of your plugin with one dedicated to dev and the other to production.

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