Automatically create data on a recurring date

Been searching low and high for a way of having data for a user being created automatically on a recurring date. It might not even be possible?


The user collects marbles and the user can add more marbles as they see fit, on Monday the user adds 3 marbles. On Thursday they add another 2 marbles. Which modifies the entry to 5 marbles (it does not create a new entry in the database).

At the end of each month, I want to automatically create a thing called “marble history” which saves the current amount of marbles. I also want the latest entry in this list of “marble history” to always reflect the current amount of marbles, if that makes sense?

50 Marbles - auto created on 19.01.31
60 Marbles - auto created on 19.02.30
63 Marbles - (current amount)

Or perhaps there’s a much better way of doing this altogether?

grazie mille

Why not just create the “marble history” and update it as things change?

So when you create a user…you create a “marble history”…then when you have the changes of their marble count, you also modify the “marble history” to reflect changes taking place.

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Hi Boston85719

That was my initial thought as a work around. But for random reasons I wanted to create an
entry even if things didn’t change. Or another case would be if the marble amount is not user
generated and constantly changing and you only want to log the amount at the end of each month.

But having had time to do some more digging. Perhaps this needs be run using the bubble API, which allows for scheduled/recurring events on the server side. Unfortunately this isn’t available on the free plan, so I haven’t been able to try it out. Perhaps that’s the missing piece?

That would be what happens if you follow this instruction:

The other part obviously doesn’t need to happen unless there is a change:

Because if no change takes place, there is no need to update the “marble history”

How would it be constantly changing if it is not user generate? Seems like it would be “programmed to change” and if you are programming it to change, you should be able to accurately create the marble history…or is there some way that the marble amounts will be changing without you programming it and a user changing it? If so, what way would you accomplish that?

Yes most definitely, if you are wanting to set up recurring events you would need to use that…however, I personally don’t feel you necessarily need to as in my mind workflows can be set up to make the changes to the “marble history” as they occur.

Haha yeah it might sound a bit flimsy, thanks for bearing with me. Basically I don’t have a specific use case for some or the stuff. I’m just playing around, throwing everything I can think of at Bubble in order to learn and see what the limitations are. So far I’ve bumped in to very few, quite impressive.

A quick use case just at the top of my head. There might be a scenario where you’d want to graph something monthly whether the value has changed or not. E.g. if you’re pulling information from an outside source, say a spreadsheet or another app. The data is not user created inside of bubble in that case and might not have changed at source, but should still be plotted on the graph.

Data might be pulled when the user logs in, but you only want to plot it weekly/monthly. It does sound like the bubble API would allow for this.

Another case would be if there are multiple types or marbles. say blue and red. The user updates
the amount of each throughout the month. And each month you want to create a total value of marbles in the marble history and plot that on a graph, but you don’t want the user to log in on a specific date to manually create the monthly total entry in the marble history, but rather have it done automagically on the last day of each month.

Maybe there’s a way of doing that without a recurring workflow using the API?

I believe when you pull that information you would need to be running a workflow…which case if it is automatic then yes you need to do this via api

I’m not 100% sure but you could schedule a custom workflow for this…but I don’t know for sure if scheduling is capable on hobby plan

I think in this case you could still just have the workflow run when the user logs in, but that would probably cause more complexity and slow things down.

So I think you are in need of using the API workflows


We just released a plugin for this - You can find it over here!