Creating Multiple Events

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I am having some trouble creating multiple events. My app is an event organizing platform. And many of my users have asked if I could implement a feature that enables recurring weekly events to be created. Right now they can only create one event per time they create an event, but they would like to have the option to create a weekly recurring event option, to save them the time of creating the same event every single week. Any thoughts??

Thanks guys.

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You can make it so when they create a weekly recurring event, it starts a recurring event on the server with API workflows.

Then have that workflow create a new event every week with the specified details. Totally possible to do. I have implemented user created recurring “events” in my app as well.

Weekly recurring workflows are available on the professional plan and up.

Check this out!

The full calendar scheduler suite Plugin has an element that will allow you create events with any kind of frequency you would like and then save them to the database using the orchestra plugin…

No backend workflow required

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