Recurring weekly data change

I’m trying to have a data value in my bubble database increase by 1 every week on Monday at 8pm. I’ve successfully made a workflow that performs what I’d like to do if I visit the page I defined the workflow under, but I am unable to get the workflow to run using easycron or wget in command line. I imagine there may be a better way to do this, possibly with an API or data API? But I am not sure where to start.

Hey Brett.
Two options that I can think of.

  1. Keep it within Bubble Head to API Workflows (same place you find your pages like Index) and create a Recurring Event which performs the Bubble DB workflow that you are looking for. Then within one of your pages itself (perhaps an Admin style page), setup a simple form to trigger the creation of that server-side event… Link the Save button to a Set/cancel a recurring event Custom Event, and then join it all up. The options that you have around setting up recurring events on Bubble (frequency and # different Things that they can be applied to) are limited by your App’s plan.

  2. Stick with EasyCRON. You should have no difficulty setting up an EasyCron trigger to do what you need. Firstly, expose your Workflow API via Settings > API > This App exposes a Workflow API. Note down your Private key which you’ll now see on that page. Now head to API Workfows and create a new API Endpoint and give it an easy name.
    Now head to EasyCRON and create a new Cron job. Use the settings below to help you (URL & Time first, then Method & Headers) - but obviously swap in the name of your API Endpoint into the URL to call. The Cron expression that I have put in there will send a ping every Monday at 8pm (this is a good website for designing / checking cron expressions)


This helps a lot, thanks!