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Automatically get user profile photos with Gravatar

One problem with email signup is that you can’t automatically pull a profile picture to assign for the user. The service Gravatar solves that problem (it’s what is used in this forum) by assigning a master profile photo and allowing it to be accessed with just an email address.

With the API Connector, it’s now possible to get Gravatar profile photos automatically in your app! Here’s the process.

  1. Send a POST request to:[youruseremai]l&l=32 (replacing ‘youruseremail’ with the dynamic email address captured after signup. This will return the code that you can use in Gravatar.

  2. Once you get that code, save it to the user and now you can set the user’s profile photo by ‘making changes to user’ and setting their photo to “[Code Generated in Step 1].jpg”"

More details here: and


Did you have any issues when setting up the API connector? I’m getting the following.

Here’s my setup. Does this look correct?

I finally got this to work using a different approach - if anyone’s interested I can post the steps.

@john3 You should make it a plugin!

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Great idea, I’ll check it out :slight_smile: