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"Available Things" and "Capacity" this a bug?

I made a copy of an App last week so I can have a back up. It consists only of the design. No data. I haven’t opened it since (haven’t even logged into Bubble until this morning because I’ve been on holiday) and I’m the only one who has access to it so it has sat, inactive and empty.

And yet I’ve just received an eMail this morning saying it “has used 50% of its available Things in its database”. It simply cannot have done because it’s empty and 50% of 200 available things is not 0.

Is this a bug? If so, I’ll post this as one but I’m wondering if this is what’s responsible for the couple of “Over capacity” messages I’ve received regarding the original App of which this is a back up and which isn’t even live yet.

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… what you described is almost certainly a bug (I actually got confirmation in the background within the past couple of days that Bubble experienced some issues that likely caused messages like the one you got), and rather than post it as such in the forum, your best bet is to submit a bug report so Bubble can take a look at your app and make sure there is nothing wrong.


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Nice one. Thanks Mike. I wondered if there was something I didn’t understand about the existence of a “Thing” (I’ve always struggled with that as a word/concept) I’ll submit it as a bug - It’s normally user error and, I have to admit, these “capacity” messages are causing me a lot of anxiety at the moment.