How do I detect causes of Maximum Capacity Issues?

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I was wondering what the best way to check why my application is maxing out on capacity. This has been an ongoing issue that @draked123 and I have been dealing with and a solution would be great!

Thank you in advance!

What do your logs say?

On the usage details it says searching for thing, currently fixing that issue, but what else would cause the capacity issues?

We are on the professional plan and added two units of capacity with another few temporary ones.

That’s such a hard question to answer. It could be one person doing one very complex or poorly built action. It could be a ton of users performing very simple actions all at the same time. Maybe there are a bunch of API workflows running? It’s almost impossible to tell, and will vary from app to app and builder to builder.

Ah, makes sense. We are changing the way we handle data right now. Shouldn’t be API workflows because we dont have any.

Then I’d guess it’s probably sub-optimal usage of the application data. How many simultaneous users do you have?

Currently over 100

Our app does rely on a lot of data usage also

New issue I’m having @andrewgassen, not sure if you have a solution for this, but we are transferring data to different data types and we are getting “Operation Timed Out” any fixes for this?

That’s one I haven’t encountered before. I’d go ahead and file a bug report so the support team can check it out.

Alright, thanks for the quick response!

I resolved many of my issues by not using :filtered, but instead using the constraints in the Do a search… function. I’m not 100% sure on how capacity itself is calculated, but maybe @andrewgassen @eve @josh or @emmanuel could help you out on that.