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Golf Matchplay Calculator

I play golf with my friend at my local course many many times during a one year period. We always play matchplay (lowest score on a hole wins the hole so… +1, even, or -1). We have been keeping track of each round in excel for 2020, and I decided to build a web app on bubble here to track it for us. The app is built, I have pages to enter scores hole-by-hole and all…but now I am at the point where I need my submit button to:

Hit the submit button to make this happen:

  1. Take the selected players name (dropdown) and date
  2. Check the database for a “score” from the “user” on specified “date” on same “course”
  3. If we both played on the same “course” and the same “date”, then compare our hole-by-hole scores (+1, even, -1) and give us the result of the 18 hole match
  4. Log the outcome of the match for both “users” alongside their “score” for that “date”

I understand there is a lot there, but here’s the real world problem we’re trying to automate and track. Presently we play on the same dates regularly, but not always in the same foursome as we may have 8-12 players. So after each round we have to sit down and compare hole-by-hole scores, then write down who won and what each person shot that date.

Example: Kyle win and shot 78 (net 76) vs Peter loss and shot 80 (net 77)

This leads to an end of year list that we have to add up and review to see who won more, and it’s a lot of manual work. Therefore I’ve built my add interface, the homepage, signup/login, enter scores, enter course, user dashboard, etc. But now I need my form on the user dashboard which allows me to select someone to PLAY, to compare my score against their score as explained above. Any/all help would be much appreciated. I just started on bubble so I’m a complete rookie outside of getting the general layout and functionality (outside of this advanced math) working.

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I think to simplify what you are trying to do, you need to create a round object in the database, and then select players who are competing that day. Then each player in the round will have a scorecard that is used to input the player’s scores. Then build your workflows for when a player enters a score on a hole, it updates the player’s scorecard and checks to see if the other player has completed that hole. If the other player has, calculate the winner for the hole, update the total score on the round object, and then finalize everything on the final submit.

Then if you want to do a year long thing, you could create a season/leaderboard object that you update scores after the final submission of the round.

Good idea, thank you for the reply! Since this is my first go-around with bubble I’m still in the learning phase. Your reply definitely got my creative flows going. Thx!

Love this idea! Let me know if you want to talk through this with someone. I’ve thought about doing one for stableford scoring during society days.

Absolutely. I’m going to tweak the initial launch to simply inputting the scores and who won…so in essence this will be replacing excel…but once the data is in the database I’ll be able to do some cool display elements using the data. Eventually I’d like to expand this to calculations as I originally mentioned but to get a proof of concept and some feedback I think the calculations will be left out of initial launch (mainly bc I’m not sure how to do them just yet and want to launch asap).

Anyone know how to get this basic sum formula to work? All I’m trying to do it add together each dropdown’s value so a total golf score. Each dropdown has a default value of 0, but I am getting the errors of “Calculate SumProduct: List 1 should be list of numbers but right now it is text”, and then I can’t get the formula to end and just display…I set it to score 1 + score 2 + etc through hole 18 but it won’t then stop and just display, it continues to want more from me. Any/all help would be much appreciated!

One, or all, of the Dropdowns must have a non-number character in the Static Options list for it to think they are Text.

Can you click a Dropdown and make sure that all the listed options are strictly Numbers similar to the image below?

PS - fellow gambling golfer here so I like what you are building!

EDIT - just noticed you are using Calculate formula, if you are just getting a sum of those dropdowns you can simply copy the long expression you made into the main body of a text element. Calculate sum formula is for Lists such as repeating groups.

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Ah ok! See I didn’t know you could use expressions in text elements. Rookie here! Lol. Thank you so much! Happy to hear you like the idea. I am going to need some help to get this this scaled up to 100% of what I want, any desire to join in on this project?

Thanks but I’m already over my stroke limit for projects :sweat_smile:

Keep asking any questions in the forum and if I see them I’ll chime in - other than private lessons it’s probably the best way to learn things

Sounds good. Will do!

Closing in on the finished product but now I am trying to display (aka do the math) the stats from the database.

My database has two players, and there is a yes/no column in the database titled Kyle won (yes/no) and Peter won (yes/no). To display how many times Kyle won I just need to ping the data and count only the YES values. I am no sure how to do this part, do I use a text box? How do I make this simple count function?

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