Avoid Users entering twice the same record


I have a simple request. I have a form that users use to capture customers’ data for a loan and then create the loan. I am not resetting the form because some of them like to print it, too. So, what ends up happening is that sometimes, by mistake, they create a second identical loan. So, I would like to create a way to avoid that without resetting the form.

Alberto J

Hi Alberto,

I might need a bit more information/screenshots before I can provide a sensible solution. But based on what you have said, can you add a state to the Group that is holding the form that holds a single value for the data type of the Loan? Then put a condition on whatever button/action creates the loan to not create it if the Loan state on the form is not empty ?

So user creates form → clicks create → state on form with datatype Loan now has the newly created Loan → if user tries to create again they can’t because the state isn’t empty (and probably best practice to show an alert).

With this method, you could also probably use the same form to update a Loan as well.

Thank you, Chris, for the prompt response.

Here are two stages of the form:

  1. Stage the data has been inputed to the form but the loan has not been created.

  2. The loan has been created and presents the amortization table and appears in the list of loans given to the customer.

Thanks for sharing the screenshots.

Would the following solution work for you:

  1. User fills in all of the details
  2. User presses the create loan button
  3. When the create loan button is pressed - a Custom State is held somewhere in the page that now holds the datatype for that loan
  4. You put a conditional on the create loan workflow that it will “only create a new loan if that custom state is empty”
  5. Underneath the create loan button, you have a “reset form” button (maybe just a text) - when pressed it clears the Custom State, so if the user wants to create a new loan they can do so as the state is now empty. This would also reset any inputs.

So basically, put a condition on the create loan button such that it only creates a new loan once for every loan, unless the form is explicitly reset.

Hope that makes sense?