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Building an asset manager

hi all

new to bubble and new to this forum, this place has helped me along my way so far, but im struggling with some concepts and are unsure which way to go.

im currently building an asset manangement site, that allows people to log in and carry out a number of tasks sush as create events, similar to maximo or SAP.

my problem is i use a button to open a new page, where the user can create a new event, there is three buttons save, save and close and cancel, currently i have the save button set as create a new thing, which works great, but the problem i can see is, once the save button is pressed, it creates a new entry, but if the user then presses the save button a second time it create another entry with the same infomation not update the already created one. what is the best way to over come this.


One easy way is like this,

Reset the inputs after the save.

Put validation on the fields. “should not be empty”

Thanks for the quick reply.

I had considered that, but the issue I have is the form is opened on a new page, and I wish to keep the data present on the page after the save button is pressed.

An alternative way

  • have a custom state (say on the button “is clicked?” yes/no) On click of the button set the custom state to “yes”

  • have a conditional on the button
    if “is clicked?” is yes
    set the element isn’t clickable to “ticked”

  • and for good measure maybe set the background colours of the button to grey to let your user know that the button is not active anymore.