Avoiding List on an E-commerce App

hello good day yall , please im currently building an e-commerce app and i want to avoid using ‘list of products’ or 'list of items ’ on my ‘Order’ or ‘Cart’ Data type , please anyone here has an idea how i can overcome that , please i really need your help .

Thank You

Hello @anjoorinpaul

Basic dB model:


  • Title (text)
  • Price (number)


  • Title (text)
  • Date (date)


  • Title (text)
  • Product (product)
  • Cart (cart)


  • Title (text)
  • Cart (cart)

No lists. Hope the above helps! :smiley:

so in a case when user wants to buy multiple items and these items have different prices , how would you go about having multiple items under one data type to show records

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