Is there a way to add a multiple data in a list?

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Is there a way I can add multiple data in a list?

I am creating an e-commerce site, the scenario is when a user clicks add to cart, the product is being added to his cart, but when I am clicking checkout and the payment is successful the list of products I bought was not added to my purchases.

I am also using a repeating group to display my cart.

Here are some screenshots of it:

When I add to cart, the item is being added to my cart:

this is the database of the cart:

Then when I click the pay, the checkout is happening, and the data is not storing

it is returning null

This is the backend

I am using a repeating group.

Thank you

Without knowing what you’re currently doing, or how your database is structured, it’s going to be pretty hard for anyone to help…

So feel free to share some screenshots of your current DB structure and your workflow if you want someone to give some guidance…

Hi I added some information already, thank you for calling out

Seems like you’ve missed parent group thing initialization. That’s more about frontend, not backend…

you will need to try set list ,
If you already created cart item, the user should contain purchase= cartitemList
in this case set List purchase to cartitem
Using add in most case will continuously add items ,

Thank you all for your answers, upon checking I have a wrong way of calling it.

Now it is working well

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