Awaiting /Async method between actions

Hello everybody,
I would like to create a sort of “await/async” function between actions. I.e I have a plugin once the action is completed, it needs to save the file on amazS3 server, and then I need to create a thing with the URL related to the saved location.
The action that creates a thing is faster then the plugin generating URL action. How can i tell to await untill the Saving&Generating URL event is completed?
Thank you

You’ll need to use a Server Side - Wait using my Wait Please plugin.

Another way is using the default Bubble pause action, but it’s not fullproof since it’s run on the client side. It’s not very useful for applications like this, so that’s why I made this plugin.

Oh wait, are you saying you created your own plugin?

For that, you would either have to create an element event or create a server side action :slight_smile:

thanks, but the Bubble pause action wont work as it says it doenst work on data changes or similar etc.
Thank you for your reply

Yup! That’s why i made the plugin :slight_smile:

no no, an outsourced plugin. Unfortunately I am not that advanced :frowning: forever newbie :smiley:

Infact I found a different solution, it’s using a scheduled custom event, as i know how long it will take anyway :slight_smile:

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