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Hey everyone! I’m releasing a new plugin that let’s you add pauses in between workflows. It will be aptly named “Wait Please” :smiley:


:hourglass_flowing_sand: Wait until some time has passed before executing an action. Avoid unnecessarily complex conditions & workflows.

Works with Backend workflows :heavy_check_mark:

Works with Frontend workflows :heavy_check_mark:

Facilitates maintainability :heavy_check_mark:

Instructions and specifications

First things first, decide whether or not to use Wait - Client Side or Wait - Server Side. Both actions have their own benefits.

Why use Wait - Client Side?

  • Avoids showing progress bar at the top of the browser window (as depicted below)

  • Less overhead


a. Cannot be used in Backend workflows

Why use Wait - Server Side?

  • Easier to configure

  • Can be used in Backend workflows


Setup: Wait - Client Side :hammer_and_wrench:

  1. Place “Wait” element on the page.

  2. Make 1px by 1px with a transparent background to avoid showing anything on the page.

  3. Create a workflow, and add an action. Under the plugins tab, select the “Wait - Client Side” action. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find this action.

3.5 Define how long you want to wait (in milliseconds)

  1. Create a workflow with the “A Wait is done waiting” event.

  2. Add whatever actions you want. These actions will only execute after the wait period is over.

Setup: Wait - Server Side🛠️

  1. Create a workflow, then select the “Wait - Server Side” action.

  2. Run some workflows right after, they will only run after the wait period has finished.

( Note using a server side wait will cause a progress bar to appear at the top of the browser window )

:link: Editor

:link: Demo



Bookmarked :smiley:

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Thanks :smiley:

The plugin is under review by the bubble team. It should be out soon!

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I also forgot to mention:

The sever side action returns true after the wait period is over.

And the client side action updates the exposed state to true when its wait period is over.

I’m not sure how useful that is, but it lets you trigger events elsewhere when the wait period is registered and complete.

Hope that helps :sparkles:

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Also - Server Side waits are not replacements for recurring backend workflows. Any Server Side “wait” over 25 000 ms (25 seconds) will cause the action to timeout. However, you might be able to get away with it if you wait 25 seconds, and then run it " x " amount of time until your desired time (i.e 3,456 x 25 000 ms = 24 hours ). Haven’t tested it yet, but I’d be surprised if Bubble didn’t take any measure to prevent this.

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Last one

If you want multiple client side waits on a single page, and for them to do different things, you have to set id’s:

and then on the event …

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The plugin is out now. You can check it out here:


Hi @jonah.deleseleuc Jonah,

how much ressource it take when waiting? I will assume almost zero but it’s some kind of schedule or pause? :muscle:

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Almost 0! Just a set timeout


This is cool, i’ll be trying it out… i think it will help with some of my operations :+1:

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Created this same thing for my own purposes recently!! Great minds think alike!


Awesome thanks :smiley:

Thanks for the compliments!!

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Hi @jonah.deleseleuc

Do you know if the max wait is still 25 sec. and, maybe put this in the doc inside the plugin?

“if you wait 25 seconds, and then run it " x " amount of time until your desired time”
You mean put it one after the other or in loop sequence?


Good idea, I’ll be sure to add that. Placing one “Wait” after another should actually work (like your screenshot shows), but I haven’t tested this. The 25 second is a limitation from Bubble unfortunately!

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Just tested this, I did three Server Side - Wait’s in a row (each 25 seconds long)

And it works :slight_smile:

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Great and thanks, I saved the time to test it :sweat_smile:. :pray:

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No problem :slight_smile:

I’m sure there’s a cap though, I doubt bubble would let that workflow run a thousand times.

Glad it worked though!

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Any sample use cases for this one?

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It’s flexible. Just like the default pause workflow action bubble has, sometimes you need to add a pause for whatever reason. The issue arises when you want to do that on the server side (backend workflows). This plug-in solves this :slight_smile:

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