AWS API Gateway integration

I would like to have backend on AWS (AWS Lambda + API Gateway + DynamoDB) - please tell me - can I integrate web app created with bubble with AWS api? I mean - for example if I have login feature - I would like to call my own AWS api once clicking the “Login” button and decide what to display in case of request’s success/failure.

Hey @wozniak.mateusz.1993

Not sure if you already figure out this but yes… it is possible to integrate Bubble with AWS trough API Gateway.

Assuming you know how to setup (AWS Lambda + API Gateway + DynamoDB), on Bubble’s side is pretty easy… Just use the API connector to establish a new API connection. Jus make sure on your headers you pass the AWS “x-api-key” and “Content-Type”


do you think passing api key in the headers is the best and secure way to connect to the api gateway?