GET data from AWS API Gateway (for beginners)?

Digging into how I can bring data from AWS’s API gateway into a Bubble app, and its looking like the only way is to dig through raw code or to have a custom plugin built. Is this right?

If this is the only way, any suggestions on how to (easily) dig through the raw code to bring it into Bubble?

You shouldn’t have any problem using the API Conector. I have several API Gateways endpoints that my Bubble app consumes.

How do you authenticate the users. I mean how do you identify that this call is form an authenticated bubble user?
do you use api keys to call the AWS api gateway? Normal logged in bubble user can see the api keys and capture it. They can then connect directly to the AWS API gateway and get data without bubble authentication as the API keys do not expire.
is there a better way out of this?