Using AWS Signed APIs in Bubble

Hi All,

I’m just looking at using the Amazon Polly API from within Bubble, however it seems Amazon require that all requests sent using their rest api are signed.

The signature is based on a hash of the request you have to generate before sending it:

Does anyone know if this is possible within the Bubble API Connector? I’d love to be able to integrate AWS services like Polly directly!

Thanks, James.

Maybe can create a plugin for that. I will use it too.

or @Jici or @AliFarahat can make it.

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You can do this in vanilla Bubble, but it’s a bit more convoluted than it needs to be. I show how it can be done with the similar Amazon Product Search API here:

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Configuring the basic API access is as easy as any other API (and this is well worth learning as it’s one of the most powerful features in Bubble), but this style of auth requires a bit of hoop jumping in vanilla Bubble.

I might do a plugin to help with these, but I’d not thought about that in a while.

Set it up as a Server Side plugin. Should not be that hard.


Hi @jamesdevonport did you figure out how to connect to aws API there are a couple of services I would like to connect to, but looking at the documentation it is not a simple process.

Did you have any success?

Unfortunately not, hopefully someone can come out with a plugin to make this possible!

I am doing some investigating and can see that a plugin may not actually work on it’s own, but the great thing about Amazon is they provide the tools to build out an API.

I have started down this road and as soon as I have a solution that works will let you know.

Here’s how you can do it in vanilla bubble. Warning: advanced user content.

Cool thanks!

I have a specific need, so will be using AWS API and Lambda to manage the requests. But no doubt I will get some nice nuggets from this video!

Hi Steven,

I was wondering if you managed to get this sorted out in the end.

I am attempting to connect bubble to my AWS database and require pointing in the right direction.