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AWS cognito hosted UI to log users in


I am trying to connect my bubble application to an AWS Cognito userpool. They have an out of the box UI that allows you to create accounts, update passwords etc.

I have created this ‘hosted UI’ in cognito and it is working (i.e. creating users in my user pool).

I have also created a button in my app to load an external webpage (the hosted UI) and I have defined a Callback URL in the Cognito app to call back to my bubble application.

The URL looks something like: https://mydomain/dashboard?menu=dashboard&code=3a6c222d-b581-4974-bd00-2b308de892e2

AWS is appending the ‘code=3a6c222d-b581-4974-bd00-2b308de892e2’ into the URL.

Any idea how go from this to allow the user to actually be signed in and then retrieve data on then?

Any info will help.

Many thanks,

Hi Sam, did you by any chance get true?

Usually you throw the code back to the auth server for an access token

Need help setting it up?!

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