AWS File uploader : not displaying in reuseable element

The recent update required that I update the AWS Plugin before 12 March in the 2 Apps that I purchased it for. For both apps, I clicked the “update” button. The AWS plugin updated, and it required that I reenter the AWS credentials " Access key, Secret key, Region, Bucket Name"

App1 (, I have the installed the “S3 file upload ALL” in a popup in a group in a page.
In the other app, App2 (, it is installed in a group in a reusable element.

In App1 it is working correctly
In App2 it is NOT working. The box to drop the file into does not display.

You should check your layout settings on it and use the inspector tool to check if it is visible or not…if you still can’t figure it out, reach out to the plugin developer.

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