AWS - Recalling files

I’m looking into expanding the storage capabilities of Bubble, since 10gb isn’t enough and the upload limit hinders my app in a major way.

I see that Zeroquode is offering an AWS upload plug-in which has piqued my interest. I’m trying to figure out what I’m getting myself into with the implementation of AWS s3.

So, for anyone who is familiar, how difficult it is to have my Bubble app recall information from Amazon’s cloud service? For example, user uploads something. Another user has the ability to download that file on a different page.

Is this difficult to implement? I’m open to documentation/resources to learn how to do it…

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In the past I found integrating with AWS to be a built difficult to set up and maintain. @ZeroqodeSupport’s documentation definitely helped though and if you want to use AWS it is definitely do able with bubble.

For my own apps, I have started using Firebase Storage. It has been much easier to maintain for me and the pricing is similar to S3.

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You can ask Sergey to make a plugin. It actually works with AWS objects, so it can be a good timing. I also need to be able to write and read on my s3 safely.
here is our plugin -

it’s not super easy to integrate it but possible, by following all the steps in the docs. Moreover we provide all the assistance through our forum

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Thanks for responding. So, I know that I can upload files with this plug-in, as I mentioned above, but how can other users download those files from the AWS s3 bucket?

This plug-in is only offering half the solution I’m looking to achieve.

Each uploaded file to S3 gets its unique link which you can use together with this plugin to let your users easily download the files from your S3 bucket

Awesome! Thanks for the response.

I agree with @ryley.randall, AWS can be a bit of a pain.

I was implementing an instance of Directus on Digital Ocean (Haven’t had time to completed this project yet, but hopefully soon). You can save and call back data via API. It may be an alternative for you on your search to expand storage.

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