Bubble S3 & Box Plugin disappeared

In a previous app I installed the above plugin from @ConnectiveCloud (who’s name didn’t pull up here) and now want to install it in a new app, but I cannot locate it in the plugin store. When I click on the “Plugin page” link in the previous app I’m taken to a search page for all bubble plugins…And of course, this plugin isn’t listed.

I have a couple questions about this situation.

  1. What happened to the plugin?
  2. Why isn’t there some notification from bubble that a subscribed plugin is removed?
  3. Why would the plugin page link not show some sort of notice regarding this when clicked?

and 4. What’s a good replacement plugin to upload files to bubble S3 through API?


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Thank you!

This does not have the Box option but im guessing you just need the upload to bubble S3 via Action. As the person who kindly created this did so open source… you could create a copy .

You are correct. Thanks again.

Hi @Bubbleboy,

I can’t get this to work. ;(

I have found firebase much easier to use than S3 if you are open to making the switch. Pricing is comparable as well.
There are a few plugins that allow you to connect to firebase in the plugin marketplace.

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Hello @ryley.randall,

I just looked into Firebase and I saw only one plugin that connects to Firebase storage, and it required manual uploading of the file. What I need is something that will take the Base64 received at the bubble api endpoint and upload it as a file into the file field of the data item I’m updating with the api workflow. There used to be a plugin that did that. I used it on the first app I built, but I cannot find it in the app store now to add it to my new app.

Do you know of a plugin that will do that?

Firebase could accommodate for both DB and object storage (imgs and docs)? Or should I use AWS RDS with Firebase?