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AWS S3-File downloads

I am building an app on bubble, where users will share files (any format) among them.
I have made an account on S3 and using Zerqode multifileuploader to upload to my S3 bucket.
Sofar OK, all files are uploaded and I can see via the S3 Console.
My issue is, while downloading,
I am able to download .txt format files and .png but not other files such as jpeg or pdf.
I am using ZIP plugins from bubble, to download as a single zip file,
error message is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

AccessDeniedAccess DeniedXYFJAWH0F4KRVAJG5IUZEcnPFzXBf+d0lqsaSLi4H9VjHOdOAyQ3X51UO+EboBTrDEiVhrfcMFRDDEZcV/PKTQvp7rg=
I used Zeoqode “easy downloader” too, but its also not able to download pdf files and btw, easydownloader is downloading one file at a time, whereas I need a zip of all files.

I feel something is blocking the download or some file formats are not supported in “GetObject” of S3??
Any pointers will be much appreciated.

Following thread… I’m encountering similar behavior using the AWS-SDK. I have the same suspicions. No issues uploading or deleting, but I cannot retrieve objects with getObject command for files I know exist. I wonder if this could also be caused from a CORS issue or setting on Bubble’s end.

The text string after “access denied” looks like it could be an access or secret key. (If so or a possibility, you should redact that part of the message before posting in public forums for security reasons.) To me, this suggests it could be related to user permissions/access. Have you made sure you have listBucket and getObject permissions on both your bucket and the user whose keys you’re using to call data?

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