AWS S3 Bucket and Bubble API integration

Hi friends, I am having trouble in getting an object from my AWS S3 bucket into my bubble app via API connector. The endpoints I have gives me an access denied status. I am using AWS file uploader plugin from zeroqode for uploading the future files into a new bucket.

I am trying to get all my old data’s in a different bucket to bubble via API gateway. Can anyone please help me out here, It’s been 2 sleepless days, I am tired.

Have you configure the AWS S3 File uploader plugin in to connect to your S3 bucket? You will need to provide the AWS access key and secret key for the IAM user you created, along with the name of the S3 bucket and other configuration options such as the default region.

Access denied errors typically indicate that there is an issue with the permissions or authentication credentials being used to access the AWS S3 bucket.

Check the S3 bucket policy: Make sure that the S3 bucket policy allows access from the IP address or range of IP addresses where your Bubble app is hosted. You can check this by going to the S3 bucket in the AWS console, selecting the “Permissions” tab, and reviewing the bucket policy