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AWS S3 File Transfer

Has anyone integrated S3 file transfer to their own AWS account? Using the AWS API or something similar?

Yeah, we’ve done it for one of our clients. It wasn’t super straightforward, but it only took a handful of hours for a programmer to setup. I’ll ask for more specific details, but basically we created an HTML element on the page and loaded the S3 form (

We then redirected the user to a new page in bubble that had info in the URL that we used to create a new Thing in the Bubble database, so we could still access it from within Bubble. The main reason we had to do this workaround is to get around Bubble’s 50mb limit on file size. Works like a charm!

Awesome. Thank you. We will try that method. We are also looking at calling the AWS S3 API directly passing the parameters through.

For some reason, I was under the assumption you’d still run into the 50mb Bubble limit. I’d be glad to be wrong!