Let's Upload to S3

Hey Everybody,

I once mused that we could skip Bubble’s 50mb upload limit by going directly to an Amazon S3 bucket. I mentioned that I might need to do that one day, but that day has come (sooner than expected!) I was hunting around the Amazon documentation for instructions on how to do it, and they have a pretty clean writeup of how to do it using an HTML form. Here’s the link: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/sigv4-post-example.html

My question is this: who wants to help me figure out how to do this using Bubble? I’m not a pro with HTML Forms by any means, but my first thought looks something like this:

  • Create a data type in Bubble that will store all the info needed to POST to S3
  • Have a form or step-by-step flow in Bubble that captures required information
  • Final step of the flow is an HTML element that let’s the user pick a file and upload
  • When the user hits submit, we execute the POST using all the information entered in the above steps, and the file specified in the HTML element

I have no idea if that will work. I also don’t know how to get the resulting S3 link back to our Bubble DB. Like I said, we’re going to need to figure this out together :slight_smile:
Anybody up for an adventure?

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Shall we maybe ask Bubble if can increase this limit for a separate fee?

Up to 5GB is clearly possible - http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UploadingObjects.html

@emmanuel Could please you advise?

I hired a developer to do this through an HTML element. It took him about two hours to do, and this was before Bubble opened up the plugin system. I’m not sure uploading large files to the shared Bubble S3 bucket makes the most sense. If we had the ability to point to our own S3 bucket, and our uploads wouldn’t impact the Bubble infrastructure, it might be worth investigating.

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This is a major project as we need to sep up a dedicated server to upload files (instead of going through the main server).

Okay, thank you.

Is there a chance that Bubble may add a plug in so that users can have assess to their S3 buckets?

It seems setting up buckets is not that difficult?


We don’t have a timeline on this but we’ll give it some thoughts.

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Wonderful! Thank you.

Provided the above messages suggesting that such feature does not require a lot of effort, could this be done by Bubble as on a sponsored basis?

I would be interested in this feature as well.


May I ask if you would be willing to “lease” the solution to me? Or maybe point to where I can get that developer to help me too?

I don’t have the app anymore (it was a client project, and we already handed it off), so I don’t have anything tangible to share with you. The dev we hired isn’t interested in jobs less than $15k right now, so he’s not a viable option, either.

I sat with him while he did it, and I’m 99% sure all we did was some version of this: http://www.tothenew.com/blog/file-upload-on-amazon-s3-server-via-html-form/

Thank you very much sir!

Any updates on this please. I know there is a 3rd party AWS S3 upload plugin, but it has serious security issues as it requires our bucket to be public. It would be amazing if Bubble has some sort of AWS S3 integration. I use S3 with another online service and with them it is as easy as entering my AWS S3 API key.