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Back end and Front end?


First of all sorry if the question has been asked before. I did a really quick search and didn’t find anything like I’m interested on. If you know that it has been asked before please just give me a link.

Here is my question and situation. I just started develop and application for my business a small dance studio. I want to have a management system that allows me to keep track of classes, clients and selling. But right out of the box I got to a first problem.

First I want to have a back end (WordPress like if you will) where the admin can add:
Classes to schedule
Products (Dance cards packages like: 10 times sessions, 20 times, Monthly unlimited, etc)
Clients profiles

And second a front end so when the clients come to the studio can use a touch scree display and a card reader of some sort and scan their cards, the system recognises the card log in into the clients account and see the type of Dance cards package the person has, still valid or how many sessions has remaining, etc. The person choose the class(es) that want to attend for that day. Get a receipt for each class the person want to attend and then the person is log out.

The question is how to have this 2 Back end for the admin and the front end for the customers? Is this possible in bubble?

Thanks for your help!

Yup, that’s totally possible.
You’ll have to build them both from scratch, though, there are no pre-made admin dashboards as every app tends to be different and with different needs.
You create some distinguishing field for user thing to separate admins from users. And then make the admin-dashboard only visible for admins. And, of course, make yourself admin in the process. That’s how it’s done.

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