New Bubble User with Questions

Hi there,

This new year I plan to build a two-sided market web app which I think it would be similar to Fiverr, with sellers and buyers of services. I have the following questions:

  1. I would like to create two separate web apps, one for the admins (create categories, available cities, currencies, etc.) and another for the public (buyers and sellers). I guess the two apps should share the same database, as the public app depends on data entered in the admin site. Is this possible on Bubble, and if so, do I need to do or configure something special on the apps so they share the same database?

  2. Code Free Startup has a course to build an AirBnB-like web app, I think I could benefit from taking this course given the similarities with the project I have in mind. Has anyone taken this course and have an opinion?

  3. If I later want to have a iOS / Android mobile app for the public web app, can I do this with Bubble as well? Is a complete re-write in order of is this a semi-automated process?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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I would not suggest making two apps, you can make separate pages, if a none admin somehow makes it on a admin page, you can make a event that sends them back to the home page. I just feel like that would be easier.

Codefree is regularly mentioned as a top notch course provider. I haven’t used them, but the reviews are solid.

As far as mobile goes, I’m firmly of the opinion that you can use Bubble for your backend, but you’ll want to use a different front-end solution for building mobile apps. Dropsource is a good, if limited, option for building native apps. The best you’ll get is using Bubble is a web-view-based hybrid app, which will have noticeable limitations and sluggish performance when compared with a true native solution.

Hi @conversar,

I started with codefree doing the airbnb app a few weeks ago, so can speak directly and freshly to this.

The course is great - you basically watch, and do and then do some more… While I was following the videos I was also building my own app with whatever relevant things I was learning EG: When we learned how to create login/signup functionality for AirBnB clone, then I immediately opened up my own app and built that into there.

Eventually I was familiar enough with Bubble to just continue on with my own app, and between the forums, documentation and a coaching session with Gaby (@romanmg) I’m feeling pretty confident in just moving ahead bit by bit.

When I was starting I was spending about 2 hours per day (everyday) to learn this, and now I’m spending more time - basically as much time as I can, and the results are coming much faster from spending more time.

All in all, I ended up doing about half of the airBnB tutorial before just going full steam ahead with my own app.

One last thing I will say - is that the tutorial takes a TON of time, so make the decision to really get into it. I wouldn’t recommend doing less than an hour a day to keep pounding your brain with new concepts… it’s pretty alien at first, but the logic does start to make sense after a bit, and then it’s more straightforward. I’ve only just scratched the surface, but it’s great to know that a few weeks of hard work can pay off in a huge way.

Good luck and if I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you very much for your answers.