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Need help with Mobile App Project

Hey everyone!

I have some experience with Wordpress but totally new to App Development and

My partner and I are trying to do a mobile app version of our site : But we would like to start with 2 simple functions:

  1. User registration and Sign in. (Understood via the documentation)
  2. Listing of Jobs(By admin/us) and Booking of Jobs(By users)

My question is, how would we as the admin be able to create/post listings of jobs? Right now with Wordpress there’s an admin backend for us to do that and it’s all automatically connected to our database. And then afterwards when the user books a timeslot, how would the admin be able to gather/retrieve these information?

Sorry for the noob questions and thanks for your time!


As far as I’m aware - you would create your own back-end by creating a new page (probably called “admin”) and adding elements in there which are connected to your database. You would password-restrict access to that page, so no-one else can change your data via it.

It’s fully custom and that’s the beauty of Bubble.


Thanks cakeheke! :smile:

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