Back to domain is not working!

I’m stupid…
Just upgrade from free to personal with the option for an own domain.
I just entered our website address, but I do not have access to that.

But now my app is not working anymore, just after paying…:cry:

I have seen the information about clearing the field in an other topic: that does not work
the field is filled back in after revisiting the settings tab.

I have seen the topic about clearing cache, but also that does not work

Please help!..

Thanks a lot and greetings from Holland!

Have you changed your DNS records for your domain registrar?

I only entered our domain
did not do some DNS change (I do not know where to do that…)
but if I need to do that, can you please tell me where to find it?

thanks a lot!

I know, I have tried this:

Changing/removing a domain

If you need to change your domain, you should first remove the current domain. Clicking on ‘delete this domain name’ will terminate the connection between the application and the domain.

My domain is fiiled in by the system again and again.

Note that your domain will still point to Bubble’s server until you remove the DNS records in the registrar service.

How do I do that?

A Bubble page will be displayed with a message. Once you have removed the domain, you can add a new domain as described above.

If I enter the old the system does not accept it.

Note that if you remove a domain and want to use a domain as initially, you may have to clear the browser cache, as the redirection is usually cached at the browser level.

Cleared browser cache and tried an other browser without any result

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Wherever you have your domain (most likely where you purchased it) – GoDaddy, Google, NameCheap, etc etc…

You’ll need to go to that registrar and remove the DNS records associated with Bubble.

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ok, that will be very hard to do, as I do not have access to that infomation…
I think I need to be smart :innocent:
Duplicate the app and go from there?
or wil the duplicate also go to that domain?


Yes - you should be able to duplicate the app with a different app name and it’ll work fine as a domain.

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Thanks a lot for your help talbotnar!

That works!

Good night!

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