Backend Triggers won't react to new items created from other backend triggers?

Is it just me only noticing this now or do Backend Triggers not react to new items created using other Backend Triggers?

I have a few Backend Triggers that will create a new log and then a second Backend Trigger to detect when a log is created and then run an action. The second trigger won’t detect any logs created from the Backend Triggers that create logs.

It’s a simple fix but I’m putting this up as it’s a behaviour that is new to me. Does anyone else experience this?

Yeah, Trigger events don’t Trigger from database changes made in other Trigger events…

As far as I know, that’s always been the case.

From the Bubble manual:

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Thanks @adamhholmes!

Here I thought I knew everything in the manual. Gotta RRTFM.

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Hmm…running some tests again, it seems that there is at least one Trigger (that creates a log) triggering the second Trigger.

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Ahh my bad. It wasn’t a Trigger triggering the second Trigger. It was an API workflow. No need to panic!

For those having similar weird thoughts, the approach that I will be using is to switch all log creation to an API workflow instead of a Trigger. I’ll need to leave the (second) Trigger updating a Global datatype (which I use for syncing frontend data) as I need that to be kept updated reliably.

The rationale is better control and to reduce reliance on triggers as checking Triggers do incur WU costs which is a separate cost from running the actions in valid triggers.

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