Backend WF can't find existing IDs from key?


trying to ‘optimize’ our a simple frontend input and pushed all the frontend WF logic to a backend WF. seems like it should be pretty basic but i’m obviously missing something bc it’s still not working

input / id just records IDs (creates a new IDscan) and the goal in the backend is to add related ID info to IDscan (make changes to IDscan). all the IDs exist but aren’t found in the backend WF (the logs don’t help and have reworked it back and forth a few times, to no avail)

any ideas why the backend WF can’t find IDs which are in the system?

many thanks in advance

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 10.51.45

Might be related to the data API settings where you have to tick the corresponding data type to allow reading data. Also try to tick the ignore privacy rules. Idk about your privacy rules but sometimes they avoid data to be read.

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thanks so much, i would totally buy you a beer or ten if i could ! : )

(i’ve never had to click the ignore privacy rules before - current user and internal users have privacy rules set up but i didn’t know there is some additional mystery logic in the backend workflows,.)

thanks again!

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