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Do a search for not working under API workflows

Hello team,

I´ve just found that whenever I do a “Do a search for …” in the backend workflows the search does not work because it never retrieves the value.

I made the same search via a text in a page and it works.

Does it happen to any of you?

Thanks a lot.

Do a search works in backend WFs.

The problems you are seeing might be related to how you setup your “Do a Search…”.

Are any of the constraints for the search related to something that is only visible on the frontend (e.g. Current User, etc.)? In such a case the search will not return any findings.

Hi @maru,

No, I´m searching for a list of companies that are on the database. Also I don´t have any constraints.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

Maybe you can share screenshot of the WF setup?

It could also be related to privacy settings that you set


This is the setup.

Ok, I´ve just found that the issue is that when you create a new company and then you modify the company, last company is the one created by me so that was the issue.

You were right @maru it was my mistake.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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I am having a similar problem. The backend WF is not working in live mode? It works just great in dev mode? Any Ideas?