Backend Workflow and Current User

I have a backend workflow API that takes a POST and then redirects to another page. I need to do some processing based on a value set on the Current User. For seem reason, that value isn’t set for the Current User in my backend workflow? Any ideas why not and what a possible workaround would be? As a matter of fact, in a normal workflow, I can see a unique id for the Current User, in the backend workflow, I just see a text string referring to my app name and the status of the user. It’s like the backend workflow doesn’t initialize the Current User.



Hi @jeremy11,

Have you looked into your privacy rules?


Yes, they don’t seem to play a part in this. I opened up everything temporarily on the User table and tested it. It behaved the exact same way. Thanks for the advice though.


Did you ever find a fix for this? I think something similar is happening to me. I even turned off privacy rules completely, and the temp user still isn’t being updated.

I see the “make changes to user…” workflow in the logs with the fields that should be updated, but nothing is changed.

I’m seeing the same thing :cry:

Did either of you ever figure it out? It seems that it can only override the values to nothing.

The story of internal invocation was incorrect, sorry, the request is obviously external even if sent from the same app. When workflow receives POST request via public endpoint, you need to authenticate sender in some way either creating your own authentication flow or using built-in providers, but I had no chance to try it out yet. Just the fact that you sent POST request from the same app does not provide automatic authentication.
P.S. you may add separate endpoint for internal calls and get your Current User initialized then if invoked from inside of your app.

Thank you, but which authenticate method will i you use

Hello Jeremy,
Did you find any solution?