Accessing current url in backend workflow


I want to create a DB trigger where whenever a thing is created, I want to record URL on which the person is whenever that thing was created. But looks like while backend workflows do have access to “this url”, it either comes empty or is not the right url that the person is on. Probably understandable as backend workflow may not know about how and where the thing was created.

However, how do I achieve my objective then instead of having to write a logic at all creation places to store the source page?


When sending to a backend workflow, you can create a parameter “from url” of type text and send it with the Schedule a backend workflow. You will be able to use this parameter instead

I am not calling the workflow. It is a trigger for when the thing is created.

So store the url in the thing created directly

Yeah well I am doing that now. But the problem is that I have to do that all the places where that thing is being created. I have to hunt all the places in the application and update those. I might miss some, and also I might forget in future to pass that parameter at some place.

So I thought it was probably better to use a DB trigger to avoid mistakes.

Hi there.

I’m trying to do the same thing when a change is made to a Thing.

What I want:
User makes a change to an input
Workflow makes change to a Think
Triggers a backend workflow
Backend workflow creates a new Thing noting the PAGE the user is on

Is there a regex pattern I can use to capture the user’s current URL? I understand it’s happening on the Bubble server so not sure if this is actually possible. If I can though, I was thinking of capturing the Website home URL and then finding and replacing with a regex pattern.

Any ideas would be amazing!
Trying to keep as much in the backend workflow as possible.