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Backend Workflow API Dynamic List Parameter


I’ve struggling with a dynamic list in the Bubble database which is needed to all run individually.

I’ve set up the workflow and am able to either get the first item in the list, all the items comma separated, or nothing at all.

I’ve gone through pretty much any related posts as well as loop posts/videos and still cannot get this to run the entire list.

Here’s my current backend workflow:

It’s currently set up as a list # however that doesn’t seem to get all the items in the list to make individual calls.

Maybe there’s a better way to set this up?

I’m new to Bubble and still learning as I go.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

One of the possible issues could be that there is not enough time to load the data from the API call. The second step just doesn’t get any data. You can try to debug this workflow step-by-step and it might work in this mode because of the pause between the steps. So the possible solution might be adding a pause (1-2 sec) after step 1.

I ended up using item#iteration logic from this video: